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This blog is a small part of a large community of online math education/entertainment. Below is a list of my three favorite members of this community. If you like this blog, you are sure to like these guys 


3Blue1Brown is far and away my favorite creator on the internet. He runs a YouTube channel in which he explain mathematical concepts with animations that are nothing short of beautiful. He has a way of explaining things that puts decades of teachers to shame. Sometimes the videos are about random, obscure math, others about teaching a specific topic, but whatever it is, 3Blue1Brown makes it with extremely high quality and an incredible amount of thought.

Personal recommendation: Who cares about topology? 

Matt Parker

Matt Parker is the "Public Engagement in Mathematics Fellow at Queen Mary University of London." This is effectively translated to "I talk to people about math for a living," and is perhaps one of the best jobs ever. Among many other things, Matt runs one of the most playful math YouTube channels I've ever come across. He makes math incredibly entertaining. 

Personal recommendation: Four has Four Letters

Also, his book: Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension


Numberphile—literally "number lover,"—is a YouTube Channel in which Dr. Brady Haron interviews various math professors from all around the UK. Sometimes a bit slower paced than Matt or 3blue1brown, Numberphile is always fun and informative, and gets deeper at many mathematical questions. 

Personal recommendation:  The Josephus Problem